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May peace be upon you and welcome to Luqman Herbs Centre. Before I start with other topics, let me introduce what is LUQMAN HERBS CENTRE. Luqman Herbs Centre was started almost 20 years ago, in a small village called Balik Pulau, in Pulau Pinang. Initially started as a small naturopathic centre in Balik Pulau, Luqman Herbs Centre had grown consistently into a well-known alternative Centre not only in Malaysia but we also receive patients to our Centre to be treated from all over the globe.


The concept of Luqman Herbs Centre is simple to understand in which

“ We do not cure any disease because only Allah The Almighty has the power

to cure any disease.”


Here, we open up ways for the body to heal through three ways. First, reduce the excess aggravated elements in the body. It is

done by eliminating unnecessary elements. Secondly, enhance the lacking elements by adding it. Which is also to improve the body functions. Thirdly is to open up all the blocked energy channels in the body which is not effective as this may also be a cause of the disease. By conducting all these three activity, the human body has a better chance for revival and with the blessing of Allah the Almighty, the disease will be reversed successfully.



Salam sejahtera. Saya merupakan perawat Naturopati dan Terapis di Luqman Herbs Centre. Saya boleh membantu anda dalam mencapai tahap kesihatan yang lebih baik dengan kaedah rawatan alami.

Adakah anda pesakit Psoriasis, Ekzema, Vitiligo mahupun masalah kesihatan yang lain? Adakah anda ingin dapatkan Rawatan sokongan alternatif? 

Dapatkan temu janji dengan saya di Luqman Herbs Centre dengan Whatsapp ke 0142636140 atau hubungi kami di talian 03-89280715.

Anda juga boleh melawati laman blog saya di suhaseriluqman.blogspot.com untuk membaca tentang apa yang saya lakukan di Luqman Herbs Centre.


27 tahun 


Kami memahami keperluan kesihatan badan dan minda anda.

Kami sudi membantu membaik pulih kesihatan anda.

Anda bila lagi?